Celebrating Nature's Beauty Since 1932
BAYPORT FLOWER HOUSES began as a wholesale carnation grower, selling to the New York City market, under the management of Maria & Paul Auwaerter. In the 1930s, while the carnation crops were being harvested many of the stems would break off short. The wholesale market only demanded long stems so the short stem carnations were put in a bucket and placed outside the packing shed for people passing through to the local cemeteries.

Today, over 80 years later – Bayport Flower Houses is still under the management of the Auwaerter family. Maria and Paul’s grandchildren, Karl Auwaerter and Christine Saroka, head up a dedicated team of horticulturists and floral designers providing the local communities with the beauty of flowers & plants. While the business focus has changed from wholesale carnations to a renowned Retail Flower Shop, Garden Center and Landscape – the focus on customer service has never wavered.

So stop by Bayport Flower Houses’ and take some time to stroll through our shop – both inside and out, it’s the only way to see first hand the new and exciting!

940 Montauk Highway
Bayport, NY 11705
Monday-Thursday: 8-6 PM
Friday: 8-6 PM
Saturday: 8-6 PM
Sunday: 8-6 PM
LANDSCAPES by Bayport Flowers
Our ALCA (Associated Landscape Contractors of America) Certified landscape team will design and install the garden of your dreams. We are committed to the delivery of high-quality, creative landscapes which will not only raise your spirits, but the value of your home!
For over 80 years, we have been designing beautiful floral arrangements, personal bouquets and more. Our work can be found from the St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan to the vineyards of the East End and everywhere in between. Our floral artists work with you to fulfill your vision. Our flowers are your signature, reflecting your style and personality throughout your Wedding Day. CLICK HERE to take a peek at our most recent work.