Greenhouse & Habilitation Specialists since 1996
Welcome to IGHL SMILE BARN at Moriches!
The 'Smile Barn' is a local green house and nursery growing annuals and perennials for sale within the community. Individuals working in the greenhouses help to produce the items sold while gaining self esteem and important job skills. A separate and distinct work-related opportunity not funded by Medicaid is available to the Day Habilitation participants through IGHL Greenhouse Enterprises.

Participants are granted 30% release time from the Day Hab Program to work for pay. Individuals are gainfully employed at the greenhouses and their salaries are provided entirely through the sale of products they grow.

This unique work program satisfies the need to contribute to the community while claiming a productive place in it. Planting, fertilizing, nourishing plants and flowers and maintaining the greenhouses are some ways in which participants achieve this end.

Thanks to flexible scheduling and creative planning by Habilitation Specialists, the participants enjoy maximum time in the community while producing something of positive and lasting value.
Monday - Friday: 9AM - 6PM
Saturday, Sunday: 9AM - 5PM